Meet the ConsortiumPataFEST Partners Shaping Sustainable Potato Solutions

PataFEST Consortium is comprised of 18 partners from 9 countries: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Israel, and Ecuador. Its collaborative approach encompasses technology providers, potato cultivators, agricultural and potato-related groups, cooperatives, as well as citizens and consumers. Furthermore, the project has strategically enlisted the participation of two agricultural cooperatives as well as the European Potato Trade Association. These entities work in close cooperation with farmers, traders, and industry experts specializing in potato and other vegetable production.

  • Partner Funditec
    FUNDITEC - Fundación Tecnológica Advantx

    Funditec, a non-profit technological centre located in Madrid, will act as PataFEST Coordinator. Funditec plays a key role in the value chain of technological development, offering sustainable and safe R&D projects to its clients and industrial partners in accordance with current economic and social needs. Funditec develops innovative projects in their own laboratory facilities in three strategic areas: Advanced Materials, Cybersecurity and Agri-food.

  • Partner NEIKER
    NEIKER - Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario

    NEIKER is specialised in creating innovative solutions for the agro-livestock and forestry sectors. The scientific team of NEIKER belongs to the Department of Plant Health and Production and is composed by researchers with a long trajectory in the developing of new potato varieties adapted to different agro-climatic conditions and resistance to viruses, fungi and bacteria.

  • Partner INIAP
    INIAP - Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias

    INIAP’s main research lines are plant breeding, agro-biotechnology, integrated crop and livestock management and conservation and use of genetic resources. In this project, the validation of plant bioassays against CLso pest disease will be located in one of these experimental farms. INIAP’s researchers involved in this project are experts in potato plant breeding and the psyllid affecting potato crops in South America.

  • Partner IRIS
    IRIS – IRIS Technology

    The experience of IRIS as an Advanced Engineering company specialised in Real-Time Monitoring solutions is crucial to carry out the image analysis for early detection and surveillance. IRIS’ technologies are based on Photonics-based Process Analytical Technology systems and Industrial Artificial Intelligence for data-driven process efficiencies and quality standardisation in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-based and other process industries.

  • Partner Kneia

    KNEIA is a SME specialised in providing support to research organisations along the research value chain with a special focus on environmental and circular economy approaches. KNEIA is expert in Scientific Dissemination, Communication, Open Science and Market Research in EU Projects. KNEIA has currently 4 Horizon Projects and 8 H2020 Projects.

  • Partner udapa
    UDAPA – Udapa Sociedad Cooperativa

    Udapa is a cooperative in the Basque Country (Spain) owned by agricultural producers, business managers and workers, who enthusiastically share a common project. Udapa was established with the intention of innovating, improving and professionalizing the processes of production, handling and marketing of fresh potatoes. Udapa has a 14.000 m2 facility where the project will validate the soil treatment solutions and potato plant pesticide-free natural solutions.

  • Partner Chemia

    CHEMIA is an Italian company that operates in fine chemicals and in the manufacturing of crop protection and crop nutrition products. Founded in 1962, CHEMIA is one of the Italian historic brands of agro-chemistry. Due to their wide range of formulates, CHEMIA is the perfect partner in PataFEST to formulate new products following the highest standard of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

  • Partner PU
    UPOL - Palacky University Olomouc
    (Czech Republic)

    UPOL is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. Within PataFEST, the research will be performed in the Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute - Center of the Region Haná (CATRIN – CRH), focused on plant research and the development of plant biotechnologies. PataFEST research will be performed in two different research groups: Biodiversity and Molecular Evolution and in Phenotyping.

  • Partner Technion
    TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technology

    TECHNION is Israel’s first university and its largest centre of applied research. Experts from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering will lead their activity in PataFEST. Their labs stand out for the design, fabrication and detailed characterisation of biomimetic protective plant coatings, including equipment for contact angle measurements, electron and confocal microscopes.

  • Partner Eurupatat
    EUROPATAT - European Potato Trade Association

    EUROPATAT, has been representing the EU potato traders for 70 years. Currently, it has 62 members from 20 countries in the EU and beyond. Their work within PataFEST will ensure the professional interest of the sector, facilitate the collection of data and information towards all the members, influence policy decision-makers about the outcomes and promote networking and communication activities.

  • Partner UNIBO
    UNIBO – University of Bologna
    ( Italy)

    From the University of Bologna, UNIBO, the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the Department of Chemistry will participate in PataFEST. UNIBO has an active patent portfolio of over 370 patents related to more than 140 inventions. It also has an active portfolio of more than 20 patented plant varieties, 80% of which are increased in value through active licenses with geographic coverage in countries around the World.

  • Partner Böhmer
    BOEH - Kartoffel-Böhmer

    BOEH is a reliable company for food retailers, farmers and producers since many decades ago, both at national and international potato markets. Böhmer has outdoor and indoor facilities for the organic production of potatoes which is crucial for the trials of PataFEST solutions.

  • Partner ecsa
    ECSA – European Citizen Science Association

    ECSA promotes Citizen Science as a tool for evidence-based policy and sustainable development. They support a strong and growing citizen science community in Europe and beyond thanks to its wide science network with different backgrounds. ECSA’s role in PataFEST is crucial to deploy the Citizen Science approach requested in the topic to ensure that the results are also citizen-generated.

  • Partner Anecoop
    ANECOOP – Anecoop Sociedad Cooperativa

    ANECOOP maintains a strong commitment to innovation by actively participating in EU projects. These initiatives are particularly dedicated to addressing climate change adaptation, the identification of emerging pests (RFF-IPM) and the utilization of agricultural residues for high-value applications. Their premises allocate 20 hectares for experimental field trials and biotechnology laboratories.

  • Partner Vitalis

    TÉRREA is one of the three potato companies from the main EU potato producers acting in the project as the validators of the soil and postharvest strategies directly in their facilities. TERRÉA is a SME that belongs to VITALIS group, comprised of 6 companies in total, leading the French trading and packaging of potatoes, onions and condiments.

  • Partner ainia

    AINIA is a private non-profit agrifood technological centre with one of the largest business social bases in Europe. AINIA have a wealth of experience in the application of LCSA methodologies to assess environmental and economic impacts of new biorefinery models, bioproducts and related technologies by using updated versions of highly recognised software for LCSA purposes.

  • Partner Bartlett
    AB – Albert Bartlett
    (United Kingdom)

    Albert Bartlett is a family-owned business established in 1948 in the United Kingdom. Albert Bartlett is currently the leading supplier of chilled, fresh and frozen potatoes in the UK with a wide network of 62 farmers and growers across the country.

  • Partner GU
    CRUN – Cranfield University
    (United Kingdom)

    Cranfield Soil, Agrifood and Biosciences Centre from Cranfield University has an internationally recognised profile for its research and teaching in Postharvest Technology, Applied Mycology, Soil Science, and Agri-informatics. It hosts the environmental analytical facilities which will provide access to state-of-the-art facilities for full physiological and metabolomics studies of both non-volatile and volatile organic compounds.